123Movies unblocked site 2022

123Movies is one of the most popular English-language services for watching films and new episodes of TV shows. Its popularity is primarily due to the fact that all content on the platform is completely free, plus the service is completely safe, in terms of data anonymity.

Users do not need to register or enter payment details to access the content. It attracts a lot of users from the United States, Canada, England, Australia and other countries.

Save time with 123Movies

Our site saves a lot of time when you search for video content because the 123Movies platform contains a huge number of old movies and new releases appear as soon as they're online.

Users of well-known VOD services often find themselves in the situation that their subscription doesn't allow them to access content that is exclusive to another service. In this case, the user has to search for the desired film or series on 123Movies. It will be much faster if you add our site to bookmarks and don't waste your time looking for video content elsewhere.

User privacy is our top priority

Our platform users often wrote that they were worried about their personal data because our site is considered illegal by many people, although it is not. However, we have listened to the request and have moved our platform to an encrypted https connection, which protects all transmitted data from user to site and back again from interception. This way, no one will know that you are visiting our website to watch free movies or TV shows.

You can also install a VPN extension in your browser or a suitable app on your device for double peace of mind.

A wide range of content

What sets us apart from our competitors is our great selection of content! Just think, we have 60,000 films, over 3,000 TV shows and 240,000 episodes online!

Cancel all your paid subscriptions. The 123Movies platform exceeds any VOD service, which is what makes our site so popular among users.

Please note that new content is added daily. We also promptly replace video in case the film or episode of the TV show appeared in higher resolution.

Site is compatible with all types of browsers and operating systems

The platform developers have made it fully compatible with all browsers, devices and operating systems. You don't have to worry about not being able to use 123movis when you switch devices. You needn't worry as it works correctly for iOs, Android, MacOs, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Tizen and more.

The site is also adaptive, meaning that with any screen resolution or monitor you can use 123Movis correctly.

Video quality to choose from plus subtitles

All films and TV shows are available in multiple video resolutions. If you need to save bandwidth and are using the site from a smartphone, watching videos in 480p quality is sufficient. This prevents wasting megabytes and thus saves you money on your mobile provider's subscription charges.

And if you want to watch the film at home on the big screen, you can switch to 1080p and enjoy the high-quality picture and the powerful special effects of the film!

Also all videos have plug-in subtitles, so you can watch the video without disturbing the silence or this feature can be useful for the hearing impaired.

Why bookmark 123Movies

All these advantages of our platform are a strong argument for you to bookmark our site. Don't forget that we add new content to the site every day, so check back often!